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It takes hours of extra hard work and dedication to make it to the top. Strictly Soccer Private Training accelerates the development of players of all ages through a specialized training program designed around the distinct needs of the player that can be difficult to teach in a team environment or that needs special attention.

The Strictly Soccer Private Training philosophy is founded on repetition of proper technique through repetition. Private Training through repetition to mold proper technique, enhances a player’s game. Private Training instills rapid improvement in ball control, passing, shooting, crossing, heading, attacking, defending and ultimately…player confidence.

Before starting a Private Training program, an assessment session is held to set up a specific program to make the players experience challenging and enjoyable. During the Private Training, adjustments are made to the program according to a players strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs.

In addition, to Strictly Soccer Individual Trainings, many players are asked to work on their own with a 10 day home training program, using the Strictly Soccer Individual Skills DVD. Small groups are available for selected players ready to generalize their skills against peers and work on tactical small sided training as well.

Strictly Soccer Director Shelley Beck, USSF B license, has professional relationships with many select, premier, EDP, high school and college coaches. This communication assists in targeting the improvement areas for players to develop the skills needed to contribute to their specific position or team tactics.

Book your private or small group training session online and get started with Strictly Soccer now!


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